Eddie's pledge to serve the community and ensure every neighbor in the 23rd Ward voice be heard.


Safer Neighborhoods

As Alderman, I will collaborate with our 008 Chicago Police District, Chicago Police Community Organizer, Beat Facilitators, connect with our neighbors, business community, non-profit organizations offering youth programming, and support investing in smart technology to work towards creating a safe Ward for all.

Better Schools

I understand the importance of a high-caliber education. I will work with all the schools in the 23rd Ward, State Representative, State Senator, Congressman and local school councils to make sure our schools have the tools they need to support our children and families. Policies should support students ability to feel safe attending school.

Quality Constituent Services

I am committed to accessible, respectful and proactive communication with residents, community based organizations and small businesses. I will bring “Ward Nights,” where anyone can engage directly, ensuring that people know about local events. I will also establish a quarterly held civic night where community organizations from across the Ward communicate in an open forum with the Ward office and each other on future events for the community, upcoming programs and resources.

Small Business Development

As Alderman, I will work with local chambers of commerce, current business owners and residents input to champion our small businesses and make sure our ward is a destination of choice for shopping, restaurants and entertainment for visitors across the city.


Pulaski Rd, Cicero Ave and Archer Avenue are the business corridor pillars and gateway to the 23rd Ward as thousands of cars are traveling each day.


We can do better to develop and attract small businesses into our Ward to serve our residents and communities.


Whether we discuss your streets, alleys, streetlights, sidewalks, funding for parks or schools, I will make sure that all neighborhood infrastructure and safety upgrades are done efficiently and in a timely manner. I will work the next four years to build a better 23rd Ward for all and lead by example.

Youth Advocacy 

For the past decade, I have been active in my community organizing youth events to bring families together. From paint rock workshops, arts & crafts sessions, monthly community cleanups, back to school resource fairs, community service projects specifically tailored for high school students looking for community service hours. 


My work will continue and I will create the 23rd Ward Youth Council, to hear directly from youth ages 14-18 to bring their ideas and vision to life. Creating the Youth Council, will give a platform for our next generation to get involved in their neighborhoods, community based organizations and small businesses. 

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