What are Local School Councils (LSC) ?


The LSC's major responsibilities are to approve the school budget and annual strategic plan (called the school improvement plan), to evaluate the principal every year and to decide every four years if they want to renew the principal's contract or hire a new principal. This is the strongest site-based management system in the nation.

There are 59 Illinois State Senators. There are 118 Illinois State Representatives. There are over 4,000 elected local school council seats in Chicago, making it one of the largest body of elected officials in the country.


Local School Councils are elected school boards. Almost every public school in Chicago has one. Local School Councils have 12 or 13 total seats (depending on if the school is elementary or high school). Parents and residents are eligible to vote for eight of the seats on their Local School Councils, and CPS appoints the rest. Local School Councils make critical policy decisions, budget allocation, access to resources and ability to evaluate the principals renewal contract.

When Are LSC Elections?


Every two years, Local School Council elections/polls are held city-wide, with the next election/poll for Parent, Community and Staff scheduled for:


Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Elementary School Elections


Thursday, April 21, 2022
High School Elections


About Local School Councils

The Local School Councils serve as the governing body of the school. LSCs have remained an important vehicle for participatory democracy, allowing not only educators, but also parents, students and community members the opportunity to make important decisions about how children will be educated.


LSC membership is a reflection of engaged and empowered parent, community, student, and educational leaders. It is through LSCs that parents are given a unique opportunity to have a voice at the decision-making table and engage with community members, educators, students, and other parents, ensuring an equitable education for all students.

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